Camino del Cid

Camino del Cid


Camino del Cid is a tourist and cultural route that crosses Spain from the north-west to the south-east, following the legendary footsteps of El Cid Campeador, the famous eleventh century medieval Spanish knight who was made a hero thanks to a poem.

This way goes past the places, locations and castles that appear in Cantar de Mio Cid, a great Spanish epic poem written in the late 12th century, which narrates the adventures of El Cid from the time he was banished from Castile until his death as the Prince of Valencia

Owing to its total length (about 1,400 kilometres of footpaths and 2,000 kilometres of roads), it is divided into 11 thematic sections of between 50 and 300km that are linked together. The different sections can be travelled along by car or motor-bike, by bike on secondary roads, on MTB bikes along trails, and on foot.

All the routes are sign-posted and on travellers will find all the information they need for their journey: maps, tracks, travel guides for all kinds of travellers, accommodation, tourist offices, and so on.

Camino del CidWhat will you find?

On the route, travellers can discover eight World Heritage sites dated in the Middle Ages, 40 places designated as cultural-artistic sites by the Spanish government, over 200 castles, 70 natural spaces, as well as 20 festivals of national and international interest and an enormously rich and varied gastronomy.

Camino del Cid is an eminently rural route, through many small and quiet villages in vast natural surroundings; places with a medieval atmosphere and friendly and welcoming people.

On Camino del Cid you’ll discover Spain as you never imagined it!


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