The great Spanish philosopher and writer, José Ortega y Gasset, said that… “Spain is a dust storm on the road of history after a great people have galloped by”.
A dust cloud that has blown over the millennia, so rich, varied and ancient is its history. We only need to follow that swirling dust to discover its endless length, extending from the dawn of humankind to the present time, in which the feet of the many different people who found a place to prosper have left their prints.
A cloud of dust of which the Cultural Routes in Spain are the best possible representation. From prehistory to the modern times, the Cultural Routes in Spain include the best of its cultural, social and gastronomic elements and they represent a means for the cohesion and structure of its lands and people, as well as of social and economic development.

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FRANCE PORTUGAL /*nueva leon burgos*/ /*madrid*/ /*logroño*/ Logroño /*logroño*/ /*logroño*/ Prehistoric Rock Art Trails /*caceres*/ /*oviedo*/ /*gijon*/ /*burgos*/ /*león*/ /*astorga*/ /*soria*/ /*segovia*/ /*junto segovia*/ /*Las Palmas*/ Ciudad Rodrigo Bilbao San Sebastián Pontevedra Albacete Huelva Jaén Almería Santander Ávila Oviedo Cáceres Burgos León Soria Segovia Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Routes of Charles V /*sevilla*/ /*granada*/ /*badajoz*/ /*Marida*/ /*toledo*/ /*navalmoral*/ /debajo avila*/ /*junto valladolid*/ /*valladolid*/ /*burgos*/ /*bilbao*/ /*monzon*/ /*gijon*/ /*zaragoza*/ /*junto barcelona*/ /*barcelona*/ /girona*/ Badajoz Mérida Granada Monzón Bilbao Gijón Burgos Toledo Valladolid Barcelona Zaragoza Sevilla Camino del Cid /*castellon*/ /*valencia*/ /*tirando pa murcia*/ /*cuenca*/ /*burgos*/ Burgos Castellón Cuenca Ruta Vía de la Plata /*gijon*/ /*merida*/ /*debajo merida*/ /*sevilla*/ Gijón Mérida Sevilla Caminos de Pasión Sevilla Madrid
Ruta Vía de la Plata
Camino del Cid
Routes of Charles V
Caminos de Pasión

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