Caminos de Pasión is a route that combines history, historical-artistic heritage, traditions, gastronomy and nature in connection with the devotion and fervour shown in one of the popular events in Andalusia: Holy Week. That is the characteristic common to all the places forming this tourist and cultural offer. A tradition that has been maintained over time and which today represents artistic, social and intangible heritage of incalculable value.

It’s therefore a route formed by ten towns of great beauty and interest, which offer an experience in contact with the local places, their people and ways of life, away from the usual tourist circuits.

Caminos de PasiónAn original view of the essence of Andalusia

The towns that form Caminos de Pasión are Alcalá la Real, in Jaén; Baena, Cabra, Lucena, Priego de Córdoba y Puente Genil, in Córdoba; and Carmona, Écija, Osuna and Utrera in Sevilla. All these destinations allow visitors to discover an original and exciting picture of the essence of Andalusia. While close to the main tourist cities in the region (Seville, Granada and Cordoba) they are fascinating alternatives thanks to their wealth of historical, artistic and cultural heritage.

Different choices to enjoy

This route offers a wide range of options. One of them is Holy Week and its religious festivals, for which they are most famous. They are great social, cultural and religious events that differ from the celebrations in other Andalusian towns. It also allows visitors to enjoy the heritage in the member towns in the form of palaces, fortresses, churches, archaeological sites and monuments in different architectonic styles.

However, if it stands out for anything, it’s for gastronomy. The offer includes from oil and wine products guaranteed by certificates of origin to types of cheese and desserts, in addition to the legacy of Andalusian cuisine, which maintains its essence while evolving towards new tendencies.
The products of artisans, backed by tradition and history, become true works of art associated with the world of guilds. Beautiful hand-made objects created as they were centuries ago make local crafts another important aspect of the route.

Popular and religious festivals take place throughout the year, in which traditions and folklore are the true themes that transmit the character of Andalusian culture.
Yet Ways of Passion also include lovely trails that draw the natural map of a route in which lakes, mountains, caves, protected spaces and large agricultural fields can be discovered. They reflect the wide range of scenery in this land.

It’s definitely a route to be passionate about Andalusia.


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